September 2013

New in Stock – Kazam Balance Bikes

The only childrens Balance Bike that offers a Scooter Style platform that can be used to Scoot n Sit. This is the only way a child can eliminate the need to use their legs as a pendulum like effect. Complete with Standard Bicycle components and Pnuematic 12″ Tyres.Image

Image 1 Image 2

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Radventure #5 – BMX and Barefoot Bowls

A great day and beautiful ride through Ekibin Park with 23 old schoolers, some hang time at the skate park and then some lunch and barefoot bowls to finish the day.

Filmed (on an iPhone 4S) and edited by Lixy (
Soundtrack: ‘Don’t Stop’ by Foster The People (available on iTunes).
Stay tuned for Radventure #6!

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Bike Bling ~ Handlebar Flowers

Spring is in the air, and handlebar flowers are in bloom.

flower 3flower 2flower 1


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