October 2013

Sunday Mail

How does an independent bike shop like The Pedal Shoppe thrive for over 20 years? Well, it helps to have some pretty sweet bikes. But it’s more than that. It’s a basic outlook where everything can always be made better. Cooler. Awesomer. While riding is our passion, we still believe it important to search out innovative people to support us on our way. One such person is Lix from “Wealth & Hellbeing Creative”. Be sure to look for her and her fabulous bikes in this Sunday’s Sunday Mail edition of the Courier Mail. Lix is an innovator at heart, a BMX artist in her soul and one who we are very lucky to have onboard as our website designer.


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Tiger Shark Cruiser

Cars, Motorcycles, Fighter planes. If it’s got an internal combustion engine, we like it. But when the situation calls for a little legwork, the Men’s Attitude Cruisers fit the bill. They’ve been pinstriped, chopped, flamed and stretched for a custom look inspired by the hotrod culture. The modified frames and components like tricked out forks, struts, fenders, handlebars, racks and tires give each bike a style of their own. Throw in a little Flat Foot Technology® and you’ve got yourself one sweet ride. In Stock Now ……


Shark Top Tube

Shark Bell


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